Student’s opinion on Afantou High School

2016-03-11 09:31

To            : Thomidis Venetis

From       : Lefteritsa Pellou

Subject   : Venetion College

Date        : March 2nd


I’m writing this report to assess Venetion College, its facilities and any improvements that could be made.  The focus will be on the building itself and the facilities.

School Building

It’s a large and old structure that has had thousands of students walk its hallways and sit in its many classrooms.  Also there is a large playground for the students to spend their breaks with many plants and a fantastic view of the village below.


We don’t have many, but we have got a biology lab, a physics lab and a computer room.  The biology lab doubles as a chemistry lab as well depending on the class.  The actual classrooms are quite nice.


While many things could be improved such as adding more facilities, I quite like the school as it is, even with its problems.  They add character.


To sum up, the school as a whole is wonderful with a rich history and as a student here, I’m happy.